A brief insight into the World of Blogging (Malaysian Context)

Hi, to whoever read this. This is my academic blog. and I am publishing my outline of speech which i couldnt delivered entirely because of the 5 mins time constraints. I have so much to talk. Hence, I decided to let my research of 3 days 2 night to publishes here. …..

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A Brief Insight into the World of Blogging


  • History of the coinage word “Blogging”
    • In the late 1990, Jorn Barger- weblog (Web site + Logging)
    • 1999, Peter Merholz- blog (for short) David L., Blogging, 2011.
  • Blogs- allow anyone with sufficient level of mastery in Information Communication and technologies (ICT) to write and publish text, picture, video or audio the post.

Main Idea 1: Hobby VS Career

  • Everyone start from hobby blogger
  • Share food recipe, personal open diary, experience.
  • Non-technical user
  • Care about readership
  • Career
  • Care about income, thus readership
  • Google AdSense, paid post, sponsored item
  • Niche: Specific topic (beauty, education, sport, travel, IT gadget)
  • So many advertisers –spend millions of dollar to advertise on these commercial niches.
  • Target audience
  • Written precisely to you
  • Article conversational
  • Marketing & Promotional skills
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Business card
  • Social media account: Instagram, Facebook, Google+
  • Subscribe
  • Similarity: Blogger community
  • The Butterfly Project

– Who has help to raise a lot of beauty, fashion bloggers in Malaysia.

-Tammy Lim who blog in plussizekitten.com

– Recently been crowned at Top 10 Female blogger Malaysia by a magazine known as “Top 10 Malaysia”.

  • Make reader into thinking most bloggers are combination of both.

“One that is written by an individual with a passion for the product /service is likely to draw more readership than one with a bland corporate persona.”

Main Idea 2: Blog VS other mass media

  • Firsthand experience with emotion (Regulation blogs in Malaysia)
  • Blogger has experienced the first hand reports from ongoing events, whether wars, natural disasters, crimes or events.
  • It is also very subjective that bloggers chose to blog subjectively based on their interest.
  • Examples
  • Iraq war (The Baghdad civilians and US soldiers)
  • The inhabitants of New Orleans – during hurricane Katrina.
  • The inhabitants of people to stay in Terengganu who blogged during the annually reported year end flood.
  • Comply to editorial policy
  • Mass media (television, radio, newspaper)-aim at public- contend with the –

Editorial policies that were generally based on the ideology

  • UMNO owe Utusan Melayu, New Straits Time
  • MCA owe The Star-pro-goverment
  • Advertiser
  • Printing Presses and Publications Act (PPPA) 1984
  • All printing presses require a license granted by the Home Affairs Minister, renewed every year.
  • Absolute discretion-granting and revocation of licenses
  • The Edge Financial Daily – The Edge Weekly-suspension of printing permits -3 months- controversial 1MDB reports.

Main Idea 3: Law regulations for Malaysian bloggers

  • Laws that apply to every Malaysian.
  • ISA (Internal Security Act) 1960
  • Famous socio-political blogger- Raja Petra Kamaruddin- detained
  • Insulting Malays , Islam
  • Official Secret Act 1972
  • Defamation Act 1957
  • Sedition Act 1948
  • Cyber laws of Malaysia – 11 laws that involved- applicable to any online user in Malaysia. (telemedicine, Digital signature, copyright, online payment)
    • Computer Crime Acts 1997- hacking, virus attack
  • Communication and Multimedia Act 1998
  • Prohibit content that is “indecent, obscene, false, menacing, or offensive in character with intent to annoy abuse, threaten or harass any person”.
  • Sexual experience, homosexuality.
  • Besides, according to Ahmad, Mohammad and Hassan in Regulating blog in Malaysia (2011), Malaysian bloggers -self censorship, using moral conscience and common sense as their guide, and the social community knowledge of the Malaysian cultural.
  • Generally, no any specific laws that is targeted to blogger.
  • Unless, talk about sex, race, religion, politic issue.


As a blogger- want to reach large about of readership, create a better community. Use it for a better community

  • World Food Week 2015, Oct.
  • Like and comment- 1kg of rice, flour, pasta, potatoes


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