How human acquiring language


Disclaimer: Please bear in mind that this idea posted here is just an creative and daring hypothesis to create boudless creativity of human mind.It’s not credible and without any support of empirical study. Well, It’s logically acceptable, and could serve as an idea for research anyway =D

Instead of saying how Human acquire language, we should ask How children acquire language.

Well, the official answer from my lecture note is that:

Through exposure into human speaking environment. The brain of child are programmed to follow specific grammar of a language that a child exposed to early in life. The process of acquiring a language is an interplay of biology and environmental factors. There is one device knowns as Language Acquisition Device (LAD) for understanding the principles and organzation common to all language. And the basic structure of a language that is present in every human language in the world is known as Universal Grammar (coined by Noam Chomsky)

Universal Grammar is a set of grammar rules that are hard-wired into brain. It is manifest without being taught.

For instance, All language has

1. Noun, verb, adjective.

2. A child learn the meaning of “I, you, father,mother, table” without being taught. They simply known is. When they were born in this world, They just have to acquire the symbol of the meaning in specific language that is conventional in a society. Said you born in a Society of Chinese society, you are given exposure the meaning of “I” is 我。

in Malay-speaking society, you are given exposure the meaning of “I” is “saya”

what I mean is there were some basic words that you cant dissect, and those word you naturally acquire it, the symbol of the meaning without being taught. (I suppose this is what LAD means)

However, I still have a few doubt about Universal Grammar and LAD.

1. So far, the linguistic understand how one acquire language by studying the process of children pick up language. Why not we research it from another prespertive. LIke how human first come out with language, that has rules and symbol to govern the usage?