Wrong word usage for Malaysian


Follow vs Give

Can I follow you home ? (Wrong)

Can you give me a ride? (Correct)


Follow you home literally means you drive a car, and then I follow (chase after) you behind your car, but not sit inside your car and you fetch me home.


Send VS Take

I will sent you to the hotel.(Wrong)

I will take you to the hotel. (Correct)


“you” in the sentence above is not a piece of object, but a person. Hence , we should use the word “SENT”, but  “I will take you to the hotel”.



Borrow VS Lend

Can I borrow your eraser?

I will lend you Rm 50 to buy a textbook to improve your grammar. (hehehehe)

BORROW is you take from the owner. LEND is the owner temporary give something to you, which you have to return later.


Desert VS Dessert


I used to confused the word DESERT and DESSERT, now I remember it that since confectionery is Sweet, so I have one more S in the Dessert, and Desert is only dry, it wouldn’t taste sweet at all,(without water some more).



Paraphase from http://litreactor.com/columns/10-words-you-literally-didnt-know-you-were-getting-wrong




English words that I always pronounce wrongly


postman        not /’pɒstmæn/     but          /ˈpeʊs(t)mən/

vagina             not /vəgiːnə/          but         /və’dʒnə/

penis               not /’peniːz/           but          /’pɪnɪs/

excellent         not/’ekselənt/        but         /’eksələnt/(ex-sir-lent)

(pronounce as ex-cell-lent)


purpose          not /pərpəʊz/         but          /pɜːpəs/

propose                                                          /prəˈpəʊz/