Tun Dr Mahathir’s talk about 21st century Graduates


came to UTP to become a UTPian for few days, and I was so lucky coz coincidently Tun Mahathir was there to giving talk, so lucky me~~=)

Let me go into a few brief introduction about him.

He was the fourth PM of Malaysia and so far he was the one who govern MY the longest period. The Chancellor of UTP, 87, yet full with enegize and wise and witty in conversation.

He started his speech or lecturer with the difference between 21st century and past time.And well, he did included some of his example, experiences inside. Perhaps bcoz the bunch of friends, they listened very attentively, so did I.I mean before this, I dun really care about Politic , my world is only about study, blog, shopping, and many giryl stuff and things that every teenager do, like sport and etc.

Attended to this talk is like really open a new perspective of my life, coz Tun Dr Mahathir once said, As an undergraduate student, they must be knowledegable about politic, they must know what happened in their country.However, as the title student hold on u, study is always the top priority. Because for Undergraduate student in Malaysia, many course fee is already partially or majority subsidize by government. Student, therefore should be having the sense of responsibility to contribute to society, not for their own good, but for a better Malaysia.

(I dun know why I sound so patriotism here, but I think its a good sign,teehee. And I did modify some of his speech here.=P)

I don’t know how to start his speech actually, he have the credibility to do that. I want to make his speech descriptively, but I somehow will include some point of me inside. So , bear with me, okay?

Nowadays, in 21st century, people get to enjoy many convience credit to the invention, innovation, and iniative of scientist. Contribution of Science are especially obvious in term of mobility and communication, it appear in our daily life.(and more elaboration on that, skip this part coz  u knew what the convience in life nowadays, smart phone, twitter, www, ETS, etc)

Science keep in improving and improving in all the aspect. and thus, , this require that we some adjustment, to obtain knowledge faster, pay attention, learn quickly. Because the way of life is contributed by Science,and it will gradually turns into sophisticated century, if we live our life properly, and we utilise those technology properly. (The simple reason is some game addict spent 24 hours in front of computer, and eventually died in front of computer….I am speechless on this,well I am a social network addict also, and I will try to make everything BALANCE, so if you are someone like me, we could change together =)

Learning is a life time work, learning is a continuos progress. UPGRADE, else ,you will be irrelevant.

I have some disagreement with government. (He is the one who lauched the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English, but now the idea of teaching SC and Maths in Bahasa Melayu or own mother language is come back again.Frankly, I would think that anyone who studying Maths and Science in English would be happy and never worried about the problem of lose their mother tongue. Taking me as an example. Science, indeed is better communicate in English, back then , I still speak Chinese. And through learning Science, I am learnign English as well.) The idea that he radiated is to be open minded, accept your own flaw , and learn it .Science, generally is communicate worldwide in English, and to Increase knowledge, know what other people create, in their language, the only way to do this is to master their language. You can ask someone to translate for you, but to translate, you need expertise in both the 2 languages and expertise in the subject.

The knowledge of Science expand everyday, there are new discoveries everyday, and so you must record it for reference in the future. In the meanwhile, we, should get immedia access to new knowledge frequently.Whenever we shoot a target, doesn’t that we want to make it accurately and precisely?

below is a short extract from Wikipedia

Industrialisation in Asia

Apart from Japan, where industrialisation began in the late 19th century, a different pattern of industrialisation followed in East Asia. One of the fastest rates of industrialisation occurred in the late 20th century across four countries known as the Asian tiger (Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan), thanks to the existence of stable governments and well structured societies, strategic locations, heavy foreign investments, a low cost skilled and motivated workforce, a competitive exchange rate, and low custom duties.

In the case of South Korea, the largest of the four Asian tigers, a very fast paced industrialisation took place as it quickly moved away from the manufacturing of value-added goods in the 1950s and 60s into the more advanced steel, shipbuilding and automobile industry in the 1970s and 80s, focusing on the high-tech and service industry in the 1990s and 2000s. As a result, South Korea became a major economic power.

See, the word motivated workforce is a key of successful developement too. I would like to share this with all of you. This is what my friend told me.Last time, Wikipedia  (dun ask me when) describe people in Malaysia living on the tree =.=”, and Tun Dr Mahathir is the one who kept join the world conference, Asia region conference, or whatever conference and talk loudly to the world, he made media mass realised that Malaysian is not living on the tree, but a concrete house.

Last time, a Korea president, I dun know what name (as I mention before I dun really care about politic, though I know that knwing the name of Country’s leader is consider general knowledge,FML,excuse me, , we should not focusing on this) learn how to industrialise from Malaysia, but now they are even better than us. Samsung is very common and live in our daily life like Apple now.In fact, the Korea presiden aim to industrialise as Japan.

In addition, Dun involve in get rich quick skim, because you are not working with your own knowledge. And, nowadays, people should also realise that there are more challenges in various ways. BE confident, be open minded, admit your false and quickly move ahead.

later on, it was a Q&A session

I just put the point that I jotted down in my note la,

its easy to become a politician, (eventhoug you are buta huruf, esp in rural areas), but its not easy to become a successful politician.

I think at the end of Q&A session, this is sth that awake everyone audience, if those aundience were sleeping inside the chancellor hall.

A Pakistan student ask YAB Tun Dr Mahathir,

Why does it if people living in Asia region against something, some policy or any campaign, they are consider terrorist. But if the same things happen in Western country, they will be deem as hero and may eventually get Nobel prize or wahsoever. What is your definition about terrorist?

I don’t really grasp his whole idea, I ask my friend again what did he say.The Pakistan also did mention that, in his country, people knew Mahathir first before they knew Malaysia.

Summary, be someone open minded, confident, see things in an ended way, and stick to the elite group , learn their spirit.

note: buta huruf(Malay) = illiterate (english)


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