why I did open another blog

The reason that urge me to write another blog is because I went to seek help from a socalled dermatologist, and I think I have the carve to record about my health situation here.

see, lots of medicine and lotions from the doctors…I swear myself, I must recover!!

okay, I went to see doctor on Saturday of the Deepavali week, I was at Teluk Intan that time, and apparently all my relatives suugest this doctor to me, saying that you will getting better after seeing him. Okay, since I wanted to settled this problem since long ady, clean and clear, so I just go for it.

and GUess how much the total fee?

it is Rm 540. To be specified, it is Rm 590 iniatially, I was taken aback seeing the amount, I didn’t bring that much of cash on me! (FYI, that clicnic doesn’t offer credit, debit card, service, such an lousy clicnic..)


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